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What You Never Knew About Eating Disorders and Suicide

Recently I was interviewed by an editor at Cosmo regarding my past battles with an eating disorder. Following significant trauma and the divorce of my parents at age eight, I decided I wanted to be thin more than anything else

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My Story is Featured in the Tennessean!

Check this out! Wow- I am so grateful! This was posted online Friday and will print in the Gallatin and Hendersonville papers this Wednesday. http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/hendersonville/2015/04/02/hendersonville-author-raises-awareness-eating-disorders/70857202/ Do you know of anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder or had a

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Binge Eating: Dr. Oz, Dr. Brenda Wade and Angela Howell Weigh In

Today on his show, Dr. Oz featured Dr. Brenda Wade, an award-winning holistic psychologist to talk about how to break bad holiday food habits, with a great resource for people who overeat or who could be suffering from binge eating

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