The Ups and Downs of Finding the Gift

Hello FTG Friends,

As my good friend Todd Cecil would say, I hope you all are smiling wherever you are in the world today!

Ups and Downs Are Guaranteed and Necessary

This week has had some wonderful developments and yet, has also been exceptionally challenging on a personal level. Have you ever felt like dancing on the table to celebrate with ecstatic joy, yet simultaneously felt the impulse to open the floodgates of grief and pain and give the floor (or bed) a good soaking? Well, this week I’ve done both.

I’m not at liberty to discuss either situation but the point is I honored my internal experience, both my joy and my pain. I recognize that life is life and we are going to have ups and downs, and on some days we will have both! Time promises change and my goal is to remain as present as possible in every circumstance.

Nothing lasts forever, the pain or the joy, and I’ve learned to give thanks for the contrast which makes it possible to really appreciate all of life’s gifts.

Huffington Post

What else?! I’ve also enjoyed a wonderful visit from my college roommate recently and managed to do some guest blogging as well. Thanks to an amazing connection, I am excited to be the newest contributor to Huffington Post! Please visit my home page on their website any time to see what I’m sharing with the world. You can also subscribe to the feed to be notified of new content immediately. Already I’ve had two articles published which I invite you to please read and leave your comments for me so they keep me on board a while.
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As always, I am incredibly grateful for each one of you. Thank you for connecting and may your gifts be many! (Hint: they already are!)



PS. Woop Woop!!! Go Trent Harmon! I am a happy American Idol fan but La’Porsha deserved it too.

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